BBC News with Julie Candler.
Hillary Clinton is to launch her bid to become the first female President of the United States on Sunday. The former Secretary of State is expected to use a video posted on the Internet to announce that she"s seeking the Democratic Party"s nomination for next year"s election. Nick Bryant reports from Washington.“Ordinarily, presidential candidates launch their campaigns in front of adoring crowds in a blaze of red, white and blue. But Hillary Clinton will offer a less rather montage, a video posted online and promoted on social media. Then it"s believed she"ll head to Iowa and New Hampshire to meet individual voters in fairly intimate settings, rather than the usual rallies. It"s a deliberately low-key, even humble start, choreographed to avoid the sense of entitlements that bedaubed her campaign in 2008.”


求一篇英语短文,300词左右,*粘贴过来 因为着急用,英语课要背着给大家讲,新闻报道.等.或者短文比如介绍中国食物啊茶文化啊

Chinese Tea
Of the three major beverages of the world-- tea,coffee and cocoa-- tea is consumed by the largest number of people.
China is the homeland of tea.It is believed that China has tea-shrubs as early as five to six thousand years ago,and human cultivation of teaplants dates back two thousand years.Tea from China,along with her silk and porcelain,began to be known the world over more than a thousand years ago and has since always been an important Chinese export.At present more than forty countries in the world grow tea with Asian countries producing 90% of the world"s total output.All tea trees in other countries have their origin directly or indirectly in China.The word for tea leaves or tea as a drink in many countries are derivatives from the Chinese character "cha." The Russians call it "cha"i",which sounds like "chaye" (tea leaves) as it is pronounced in northern China,and the English word "tea" sounds similar to the pronunciation of its counterpart in Xiamen (Amoy).The Japanese character for tea is written exactly the same as it is in Chinese,though pronounced with a slight difference.The habit of tea drinking spread to Japan in the 6th century,but it was not introduced to Europe and America till the 17th and 18th centuries.Now the number of tea drinkers in the world is legion and is still on the increase.



Cool down in housing market continues 2014-12-14
A fresh batch of mixed economic data coming from the National Bureau of Statistics on Friday.Chinas industrial output rose by a less-than-expected 7.2 percent in November from a year earlier,which means that housing market will continue downward


我想要一篇英文的新闻报道 帮个忙啊

CNS June 25 -- Roundup, Korean Foreign Ministry confirmed on the 25th Macao has received the banks thawing of the Korean capital, and said that these funds will be used for humanitarian purposes. Macao was frozen in the banking industry (BDA) transfer of funds to the North Korea problem has been resolved. Earlier earlier, the Russian Far East commercial banks in its website issued a statement saying, The Bank of Korea the same day in Macao banks of the thawing of the Korean capital into a bank. According to reports, a North Korean foreign ministry spoke**an told reporters accept KCNA said, frozen Department of the Macao banking industry funds have been remitted to North Korea demands North Korea account, the issue was finally resolved. He also disclosed that the funds will be unfrozen plans for the enhancement of the people"s living standards and humanitarian purposes. In addition, North Korea and the United States will in the near future to discuss the highly enriched uranium (HEU) program, initiated bilateral consultations. Both sides have the possibility of resolving the banks use the process of bilateral negotiations in the framework of issues touched upon. In other words, North Korea and the United States may have on the North Korea nuclear issue mainly through direct negotiations. And this will serve the six-party talks, the focus of public attention. It is familiar with the six-party talks one on the 25th source said : "North Korea and the United States may be as BDA negotiations, North Korea and the United States using bilateral channels to discuss issues touched upon. Both sides may normalization of relations between North Korea and the United States in the working group meetings or non-nuclear work Group meeting on "nuclear program list consultations" discussion. "September 2005. U.S. Treasury Department accused the North Korean government use of the banks in Macao accounts to engage in money laundering and counterfeiting U.S. dollars, demanded that the United States stop financial institutions and the firm business dealings. Macao banks to the subsequent freezing of the North Korean government in U.S. dollars, the bank deposits. North Korea denied U.S. allegations. May of this year, the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that once the funds have been frozen issue is resolved, North Korea under the six-party talks on the agreement to suspend operation of nuclear facilities, invite the International Atomic Energy Agency delegation visits North Korea, and in-depth discussions with the United States to suspend operation of its nuclear facilities after the next phase measures. The Russian Foreign Ministry on June 23 confirmed Macao Department of the Korean banking industry funds have been diverted to North Korea in a Russian banks to open accounts.
朝鲜问题 资金已冻结【英语新闻报道短篇】


求最近的英语新闻 或者精美短小的英语短文 大概初中水平就好 我刚进高一 上课要用 求亲们给点·······

1.英语新闻:CPC Central Committee to hold 6th plenum in October
The Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee decided Friday that the Sixth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee will convene in Beijing in October this year.
The decision was made at a Political Bureau meeting,presided by President Hu Jintao,also general secretary of the CPC Central Committee.
2.英语新闻:China announces enforcement regulations for amended personal income tax law
The State Council,or China"s cabinet,on Wednesday announced new regulations designed to facilitate the enforcement of the country"s new individual income tax law,which features an increased monthly tax exemption threshold.
Premier Wen Jiabao signed a State Council order to approve the creation of the regulations,which are set to take effect on Sept.1,2011.
The National People"s Congress (NPC) Standing Committee,or China"s legislative body,adopted an amendment to the individual income tax law during a bimonthly session last month.The amendment raised the monthly tax exemption threshold from 2,000 yuan (307.7 U.S.dollars) to 3,500 yuan.
The new law reduces the previous nine-bracket system to a **aller seven-bracket system,eliminating brackets corresponding to tax rates of 15 and 40 percent.
It also reduces the minimum tax rate from 5 percent to 3 percent for people whose monthly incomes are between 3,500 and 4,500 yuan.


*是最近的新闻 字数200左右吧

Shanxi Xiangfen September 12 from the Xiangfen County, Shanxi Province tower mining companies, "9 8" large tailings dam break the accident rescue headquarters was informed that as at 17:00 on the 12th, search and rescue personnel found the victims total 178, search and rescue Is still a tension. Search and rescue staff on all key areas, focusing on all parts of the search conducted, 90 percent of the dump area has conducted a thorough search, more than 2,200 search and rescue personnel and more than 110 Taiwan implementation of large-scale search and rescue machinery is still at the scene.





求英语的新闻报道,*大概2分钟的,附上有文字稿的 有的发我,给很多赏金

At least 119 people were killed on Monday morning in a poultry processing plant fire in Northeast China"s Jilin province,rescue headquarters confirmed.
The fire broke out at around 6:06 am at a slaughterhouse owned by the Jilin Baoyuanfeng Poultry Company in Mishazi township of Dehui city,according to firefighters.
Over 300 workers were in the plant when the accident happened,survivors told Xinhua,adding they heard a sudden bang and then witnessed dark **oke at around 6 am.About one hundred workers have managed to escape from the plant whose gate was locked when the fire occurred,said survivors.
The complicated interior structure of the prefabricated house in which the fire broke out and the narrow exits have added difficulties to the rescue work,sources with rescue forces said.
As of 12 am on Monday,the fire has not been put out and rescue work is ongoing.The exact number of those trapped in the plant has not yet been confirmed and further investigation into the cause in under way.



Britain Enters Final Day of Campaigning Before Elections
Britain"s top party leaders are taking full advantage of their last day of campaigning before Britons go to the polls.
Late Wednesday night,Labor leader Gordon Brown visited steel workers on an overnight shift.
"I don"t need to tell you that this election is about the future," said Brown."It"s about the future of our industry,the future of our jobs,the future of our young people."
Mr.Brown is facing a tight election.The Conservative Party,led by David Cameron,has topped the latest opinion polls.And,the Liberal Democrats -- traditionally a marginalized party in what has largely been a two-party system -- are scoring high in opinion polls.
Rodney Barker is a political academic and professor at the London School of Economics.
"The three candidates have been up to making themselves as busy as possible," explained Barker."David Cameron,the Conservative leader,so visible that he"s even worked through the night -- he hasn"t slept."
Barker says this last day of campaigning is crucial,because so many Britons still have not made up their mind.
A survey published by the research group ComRes Tuesday said 2.5 million people who say they are certain to vote say they are still undecided who to vote for and more than a third of voters said it was "quite possible" they would change their mind on who to vote for by the time the polls open Thursday morning.
Rodney Barker says it is all up in the air.
"The one thing which one can say about this election -- and we haven"t been able to say this for any election within living memory -- is that the only certain thing is that we cannot predict the outcome,even on the day before the poll," added Barker.
The ComRes poll shows the Conservatives winning 37 percent of votes,Labor on 29 percent and the Liberal Democrats on 26 percent.
With the votes split this way,no single party would win a majority of seats in parliament.In that case,the shape of Britain"s future government will depend on coalitions.
The balance is likely to be tipped by the Liberal Democrats,but so far their leader,Nick Clegg,has refused to say whether his party would side with the Conservatives or Labor.
Barker says what this means is that it could be weeks before the composition of Britain"s future government becomes clear.
"Even when we know the result of the election,we may not know what the result is in terms of government -- who will successfully make a deal with who to make what sort of government," noted Barker.
If no single party is able to win a majority of parliament seats,current Prime Minister Gordon Brown would have the right to stay in office until a new government can be formed.



United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon met fellow countryman and global popstar PSY for some "Gangnam Style" dancing at the UN headquarters in New York last night.
Ban Ki-Moon thanked PSY for coming to the UN with "such a big crowd" of reporters and said he was a "a bit jealous" that he was no longer the most famous Korean in the world
"I"m a bit jealous.Until two days ago someone told me I am the most famous Korean in the world.Now I have to relinquish.I have no regrets," Ban said.
The two lavished praise on each other at UN headquarters Tuesday,with Ban even risking a few of Psy"s trademark dance moves from the viral **ash video Gangnam Style.


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